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A C R Y L I C A N G E L Paint the wings with a wash of Warm White. Add Warm White stripes. Paint the face and neck Flesh Tone, and shade them with Flesh Tone+Burnt Sienna. Te nose is Flesh Tone+Burnt Sienna; use a #1 liner. Apply the ovals to the cheeks with thinned Antique Rose and add shine marks of Warm White. Paint the eyes Lamp Black. Paint the hair Tangelo Orange. Te halo is Indian Tur- quoise with a highlight of Indian Turquoise+Warm White. G R E E N P E A R S Paint the green pears Wasabi Green. Apply a frst shade of Deep Burgundy and a second, sof shade of Black Plum. Use Wasabi Green+tch French Vanilla+tchWarm White for the highlight, dry-brushing it with the moon flbert. Add the stem with Espresso. D A I S I E S Paint the center of the daisies True Ochre, and shade them frst with Deep Burgundy and then, sofly, with Black Plum. Highlights, as well as the dots in the centers, are added with French Vanilla. Paint the petals Warm White with the #6 fat, pull- ing from the outside to the center. Highlight the outer edges with Snow White. Paint the dots around the cen- ter Lamp Black. G R E E N E R Y Paint the large leaves Hauser Medium Green and shade them with Lamp Black. Apply highlights frst of Foliage Green and then Wasabi Green. Paint all vines Wasabi Green. Paint the medium leaves Foliage Green. Te smallest leaves are Foliage Green+True Ochre. R E D F L O W E R S An example of the red fowers is marked with a num- ber 1 on the line art on page 70. Paint the red fowers Country Red, shading around the center with Deep Burgundy. Highlight the outside edges with Spice Pink. Te dots are Tangelo Or- ange, except for the large, central dot, which is ap- plied with your fnger and Butterscotch. Highlight this center dot with Butterscotch+Warm White. Te stamens and dots are Lamp Black. Y E L L O W F L O W E R S An example of the yellow fowers is marked with a number 2 on the line art on page 71. Paint the yellow fowers French Vanilla; cre- ate the plaid using thinned Warm White. Shade the fowers around (but not in) the center with True Ochre. Paint the centers of the fowers with Blue Mist. Shade them with Black Plum and high- light them with Spa Blue. P I N K F L O W E R S An example of the pink fowers is marked with a number 3 on the line art. Te pink fowers are Spice Pink. Paint the strokes on the outer circle Spice Pink+Warm White. SDP_ebook_2014.indd 14 3/24/14 3:15 PM

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