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A C R Y L I C Paint the fower centers French Vanilla and create the plaid using very thin Country Red. Over-stroke the plaid where lines meet with Country Red. C H E C K F L O W E R S An example of the red fowers is marked with a num- ber 4 on the line art. Te check fowers are painted Warm White with Lamp Black checks, a triangle of Grape Juice, and Purple Cow stripes. C H E R R I E S Paint the cherries Country Red. Apply a frst shade of Deep Burgundy and a second shade of Black Plum. Use Spice Pink for the highlights. Y E L L O W P E A R S Paint the yellow pears True Ochre. Apply a frst shade of Deep Burgundy and a second, sof shade of Black Plum. Dry- brush a highlight of French Vanilla using the moon flbert. G R E E N A P P L E Te apple is Foliage Green with a frst shade of Deep Burgundy and a second shade of thinned Black Plum. Paint the highlight French Vanilla using a dry moon flbert. Paint the stem Espresso. B L A C K B E R R I E S Start the blackberries by painting an oval of Black Plum. Place dots over this; the darker dots are Grape Juice and the lighter dots Purple Cow. F I L L E R F L O W E R S Te small, white fnger-dot fowers that appear here and there are applied with your fngertip and Warm White. Te center dot is Butterscotch. Te groups of blue stylus dots are made with Indian Turquoise. G R A P E S Add as many grapes as needed to fll out the design to your satisfaction. I paint them with my fngertips and Blue Mist; shade them with Wedgwood Blue and high- light them with Spa Blue. Each grape is completed with a shine dot of Warm White+tch Spa Blue. S T I T C H W O R K Use the line art and the complet- ed piece as your guides when add- ing stitchwork; you'll fnd stitches on fowers and on the bands bor- dering the center design on the top and bottom, and lines along the perimeter of the angel's wings. Add these using the permanent black pen. F I N I S H I N G When all paint is completely dry, spray your work using a product with a matte fn- ish. Follow this with several coats of water-based varnish. I also wax afer varnishing; I fnd that it helps to keep the lid from sticking. SDP_ebook_2014.indd 15 3/24/14 3:15 PM

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