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Experience the world of the Society of Decorative painters with this free download of 6 projects, plus how-to-start information, and membership incentives. Projects are complete with pattern, supply list and step-by-step instructions.

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PA I N T I NG T I P S n Tin the paints with water or painting medium to basecoat each object. n To add open time to your colors, thin them with a little retarder medium. n Use shape-following brushstrokes to paint each element. n Use the round and flbert brushes for basic painting; the short liner for lines, dots, and fne details; and the pointed round blenders for dry-brushing. L E T ' S PA I N T PE A R Basecoat with Yellow Oxide. Shade with a stroke of Russet. Highlight with strokes of Unbleached Titanium. Paint the center with thin Unbleached Titanium and add Russet seeds. Shade with Red Violet or Rosewood+tch Carbon Black. PE AC H Basecoat with Yellow Oxide. Add a dabby blush with Tiger Lily. Add dots of Unbleached Titanium, lines of Rosewood, and maybe some dots of Red Violet+tch Carbon Black. A PPL E Basecoat with Tiger Lily. Shade with a sideloaded brush of Red Earth. Add dots of Unbleached Titanium and lines of Rosewood+tch Carbon Black. T U L I P S Basecoat with Red Earth. Highlight with a sideloaded brush of Tiger Lily. Add lines of Rosewood+tch Red Violet and a few lines of Carbon Black. High- light with strokes of Unbleached Titanium. CU R R A N T S Basecoat with Tiger Lily. Shade with Red Violet and/or Rosewood. Highlight with a dabby application of Jaune Brilliant and Unbleached Titanium dots. L E AV E S, ST E M S, A N D T E N DR I L S On the main design, basecoat with thin Tarragon, shade with Carbon Black strokes, and highlight with Unbleached Titanium strokes. On the border de- sign, basecoat with Tarragon, shade the center of the leaf with dry-brushed Carbon Black, and highlight with Sea Grass. Paint the stems and veins with Carbon Black and highlight with tch Unbleached Titanium. R ICK R ACK B OR DE R S Basecoat with Rosewood. Highlight with Tiger Lily. Add Carbon Black dots and lines. A C R Y L I C SDP_ebook_2014.indd 22 3/24/14 3:16 PM

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