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M I X E D M E D I A H I L L S A N D T R E E S Use Moss Green to shade the trees and the green felds on each hill. Shade the red felds with Crimson Lake and the brown felds with Black. Use Pumpkin Orange to shade the yellow felds and Slate Grey to shade the tan felds. DE TA I L S Line all the details of the design with the Black colored pencil. Make sure your pencil is sharp and your lines are thin. Also, black has strong pigment, so be very careful not to smear the lines as you work. Use a no. 3 round brush to add the comma-strokes to the sides of the frame with Island Sand paint (mix the paint with a bit of Jo Sonja's Magic Mix for better fow of the strokes). Use a stylus tip to add dots to each comma- stroke design, clouds, wings, tulip, scallops, and the swirls on the dress, and highlights to the angel's eyes, still using Island Sand paint. Add the red dots to the yellow felds with Poppy paint, and the black dots to the angel wings, hair, and the feathers on top of each bird's head with Car- bon Black. Once the dots are dry, go back and lightly shade over the dots on the clouds and the swirl section of the dress with the Slate Grey colored pencil. Add a touch of glitter to the design by repeating dots of Opal Dust with the tip of a stylus over all the dots ex- cept the ones on the clouds and the felds. Also, use a no. 3 round brush to apply Opal Dust over the comma-strokes and the swirl sections on the wood frame piece. Ten lightly spatter the design with an old toothbrush and Car- bon Black, avoiding the angel's face. F I N I S H I NG Use wood glue to carefully glue the frame to the board. Allow glue to set for an hour or two. Lightly spray the piece with four light coats of Krylon Fixatif, changing direction with each coat and drying in between; this will protect your work and remove any "wax bloom" that might have developed. Wax bloom is wax from the colored pencils rising to the surface, creat- ing a dull look. No worries, though, because a simple coat of Krylon Fixatif does the trick to clear it up. When your painting is completely dry and set, you can apply a few coats of the matte varnish. To display, prop your fnished plaque on an easel. Lovely! Erika Joanne has been a member of SDP since 1999. Her design work encompasses a wide range of styles and subject matter, from lifelike realism to the whimsical and purely imaginative. Erika's Paint & Pencil line of design packets, which successfully combines colored pencil and acrylic paint with unique results, and her fanciful new Signature Nutcracker line can both be seen on her website at ERIKAJOANNE.COM. Be sure to sign up for her free newsletter when you visit. She also gives SDP members a special discount through her website; enter the code "LUVSDP" when ordering. You may contact Erika at ERIKA@ERIKAJOANNE.COM, (360) 769-8870, or Erika Joanne Designs, P.O. Box 630, Manchester, WA 98353. artist's sketch O n H e a l i n g W i n g s i n t r o d u c e s b e g i n n e r s t o c o m b i n i n g t w o m e d i u m s — a c r y l i c s a n d c o l o r e d p e n c i l s — w i t h c e l e s t i a l r e s u l t s . SDP_ebook_2014.indd 32 3/24/14 3:16 PM

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