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A C R Y L I C 41 Society of Decorative Painters n ONLINE EXCLUSIVE 2014 DECORATIVEPAINTERS.ORG L E T ' S PA I N T FAC E S All four faces are the same. STEP 1: Basecoat the ear, the tip of the nose, and the mouth with Dusty Rose on the no. 2 round. Using the same brush, line the contour of the ear with Honey Brown. With washy Buttermilk apply strokes in an outward di- rection, extending from the center of the face for the fur. Allow this to dry completely. Clean the brush, and then load with washy Honey Brown. Apply lines on top of the Buttermilk, creating a variety of colors. Te back of the head consists of fve vertical wash lines. Sideload the 3 ⁄8" angular with Honey Brown, and then paint below the hat and band. Sideload the no. 2 round with Mink Tan, and create the sides of the nose (near the eyes). Te area where the eye sits is wide, while the tip of the nose is narrower. STEP 2: Shade inside the ears with Antique Rose on the 3 ⁄8" angular. Shade on the backside of each ear with a washy Sof Black (page 83). Using the liner brush, paint small strokes of hair on the ears with Buttermilk. Te in- side of the ear and the face are lined with Buttermilk, and other outer areas are lined with Honey Brown. Te whisker pads are dotted with Buttermilk using the no. 10/0 liner. Paint small Antique Rose lines over the nose and down the lip. Create the contour lines of the nose and mouth with Mink Tan+Sof Black. Darken the area under the nose with the same mix, adding a bit more Sof Black. Basecoat the eyes with Sof Black on the no. 2 round, and pull in the eyelashes with the same color on the no. 10/0 liner. STEP 3: Add a small amount of dark hair to the outer edges of the ears and forehead with Honey Brown+Sof Black (2:1) on the no. 10/0 liner. Use the same mix for the back of the head. Add lighter hair to the nose and mouth area with Light Buttermilk. Add short lines of the same color to the insides of the ears. Te center will be the lightest area of the face. Apply a U shape on the bot- tom of each iris with Arbor Green, giving the efect of refected light. Use Mink Tan on the no. 10/0 liner to cre- ate the whiskers and eyebrows. Using the no. 10/0 liner, apply tiny dots of Flesh Tan in the refected light area. Te center of each iris is Light Buttermilk. DE TA I L S S PR I NG With a sideload of Shale Green on the ½" angular, paint the bottom section of the wooden tassel and the section above the trim band. Load Light Buttermilk on the end of the liner and create the dot petals of the fowers. Te cen- ters of the fowers are created with the stylus using Moon Yellow and Honey Brown. Te polka dots on the ball of the tassel and on the trim band above the face are Flesh Tan. STEP 1: Basecoat the cherry blossoms and buds with Flesh Tone using the no. 2 round. Te leaves are painted with Moon Yellow+Arbor Green. STEP 2: Using Moon Yellow+Arbor Green on the 3 ⁄8" an- gular shade the fowers' centers. Shade the leaves under the fowers with Arbor Green+Hauser Dark Green. Te stems are painted with the same color mix using the tip of the no. 10/0 liner. Each fower's calyx consists of small comma-strokes. Load the brush with Moon Yellow+Arbor Green, tipping with Arbor Green+Hauser Dark Green. STEP 3: Add the leaf vein, working from root to point, us- ing Arbor Green+Hauser Dark Green on the no. 10/0 liner. Te center dots from which the stamens extend are Arbor Green, and the stamens are Light Buttermilk. Dots of Hon- ey Brown and Moon Yellow complete the tips of the sta- mens. Te contour of each fower is Flesh Tone+Cranberry Wine (2:1) on the ¼" angular. Te leaf accent is a sideload of Honey Brown. Te border design consists of comma- strokes of Light Buttermilk on the no. 10/0 liner. SU M M E R With a sideload of Light French Blue on the ½" angu- lar, paint the bottom section of the wooden tassel and the section above the trim band. On the hat, create dots with Buttermilk using a moist cotton swab. Te dots on the ball and trim band are applied with Flesh Tan using the stylus. STEP 1: Basecoat the leaves with Arbor Green. Te cen- ters of the sunfowers are painted with Honey Brown+Sof Black (2:1) on the no. 2 round. STEP 2: Using the 3 ⁄8" angular, shade the leaves with Hauser Dark Green, adding Flesh Tan highlights. Basecoat the sunfowers' petals with Moon Yellow. STEP 3: Shade the sunfower petals with Honey Brown using the ¼" angular, and then line the veins with Hauser Dark Green on the no. 10/0 liner. Apply the veins work- ing from the root of the leaf to the outer edge. In the center of the fower, paint crosshatching lines with Sof Black. Using the stylus, add Sof Black and Buttermilk dots between the fower petals. FA L L Basecoat the bottom section and the section under the ball of the wooden tassel with Flesh Tan+Honey Brown on the ½" angular. Te leaves on the hat are drawn in by SDP_ebook_2014.indd 41 3/24/14 3:17 PM

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