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Experience the world of the Society of Decorative painters with this free download of 6 projects, plus how-to-start information, and membership incentives. Projects are complete with pattern, supply list and step-by-step instructions.

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2014 ONLINE EXCLUSIVE n Society of Decorative Painters 48 DECORATIVEPAINTERS.ORG S K I L L B U I L D E R ST R A IG H T PR E S SU R E ST R OK E STEP 1 Lay the brush down, hesitating to allow the brush to open. STEP 2 Pull the brush in a straight path, releasing pressure to taper the stroke as the brush moves along its course. STEP 3 The brush should be up on the bristle tips at the end of the stroke. STEP 4 Lift the brush off the surface. SDP_ebook_2014.indd 48 3/24/14 3:17 PM

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