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A C R Y L I C L E T ' S PA I N T FA C E Use the #4 ultra round to apply a transparent wash of Flesh Tone onto Santa's face, and mop. You should always be able to see the transfer lines through the wash. If you can't, im- mediately pick up more water. Float Burnt Umber around the outside of the nose, forming each eye and mopping as you go. Continue foating up to and against the beard and mustache. Stroke almond-shaped eyes of Lamp Black, adding a tiny dot of Snow White and, beside that, a small semicircle to each; refer to the Step by Step (opposite). Add a Flesh Tone dot to either side of the nose to form the nostrils. Paint Snow White eyebrows. Use the dome round to dry-brush Rose Cheek Chalk to the cheeks. C O AT Except for the fur trim, Santa's entire coat is washed with Slate Grey using the no. 14 ultra round; bring the wash up to the collar and as low as the bottom fur trim. Mop with the duster/stippler. Repeat this light wash until you've achieved the desire depth of color. Wash Snow White onto all fur trim. (Te band in the middle of the sleeve remains Buttermilk.) Te small V shape between the bottom of the beard and the collar is washed with Lamp Black and mopped. Use foats of Lamp Black to shade the top of the sleeves, the folds in the coat, both sides of the Buttermilk band on the sleeves, and all instances where the fur trim abuts Santa's coat, hat, mittens, and face. Mop if needed. Paint the paisley with undiluted Shimmering Silver; dry, and add a smaller Lamp Black paisley inside each larger shape. Dot each with a stylus and Shimmering Silver at its wide end. Paint the half moons Shimmering Silver. Use the Rapidograph pen to draw a double row of stitches around each paisley and a single row around each moon. Stars and stylus dots are scattered randomly across the coat; use Lamp Black and Shimmering Silver respectively for these. Use the pen to fll in the checks in the bands on Santa's sleeves. Painter's Checklist S U R FA C E This wooden Santa measures 16- 1 ⁄2"x 9" at his widest and tallest points (41.91 x 22.86cm). PA L E T T E DECOART AMERICANA ACRYLICS Antique Gold Flesh Tone Burnt Umber Lamp Black Buttermilk Slate Grey Deep Midnight Blue Snow White DECOART DAZZLING METALLICS Shimmering Silver DECOART GLAMOUR DUST GLITTER PAINT Ice Crystal B R U S H E S LOEW-CORNELL Series 4 no. 2 duster/stippler Series 270 1 ⁄2" Maxine's oval mop Kolinsky Series 272 no. XS dome round Series 2014 no. 8 round scumbler La Corneille Golden Taklon Series 7020 nos. 4, 8 & 14 ultra rounds M I S C . Basecoating brush S U P P L I E S 400-grit sandpaper Basic painting supplies (page 127) Cheek Chalk (Rose) DecoArt Americana Matte Spray Sealer DecoArt Decorating Paste DecoArt Multi Purpose-Sealer Elmer's Glue-All Hair dryer (optional) Koh-i-Noor Rapidograph Pen #00/.30 Tin stars* S O U R C E S n The surface (item no. 2011-WS27) is available from the artist at . See the Artist's Sketch (page 66) for more contact information. n Cheek Chalk is available from Cupboard Distributing at or (937) 652-3338. * I used eight rusty tin stars with a small hole measuring 1 ⁄2" across. These are available from Cupboard Distributing (see entry above). 2014 ONLINE EXCLUSIVE n Society of Decorative Painters 6 DECORATIVEPAINTERS.ORG SDP_ebook_2014.indd 6 3/24/14 3:15 PM

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