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A C R Y L I C Lynne Andrews has been painting professionally for three decades, but only happened upon decorative painting a few short years ago. She has since authored six books, most recently 2007's Great and Small, and contributed to 100 Angels and Ornament Extravaganza, both from the American Museum of Decorative Painting. Lynne has designed and published over one hundred pattern packets. A sought-after travel-teacher, Lynne cur- rently divides her time between designing and teaching. You may write to Lynne at 181 Tourtellot Hill, Chepachet, RI 02814; or email . Visit her website at . ARTIST'S SKETCH A C C E S S O R I E S Use the #8 ultra round to apply at least two washes of Lamp Black to the hat, mittens, and boots, and to the interi- or of the lef-hand sleeve; mop between washes. Add more Lamp Black to the wash and return to the hat, strengthen- ing the shading at the top and bottom from the tip of the hat inward; see the fnished piece for guidance. Santa's right cuf (our lef) has some shading lines drawn on the exposed part of its interior, near the mitten. Use the pen to add these lines. A little bit of sky shows to the right of the right-hand mitten and beneath the sleeve on the lef. Use a heavy wash of Deep Midnight Blue for this. Paint the rope Shimmering Silver and foat Lamp Black on either side of it. Separate the boots with a foat of Lamp Black. Highlight the boots, mittens, and hat with a #8 scumbler and dry-brushed Shimmering Silver. W I N G S & M O O N Lightly wash Snow White on both wings. When dry, wash Antique Gold on top of both wings and mop. Float Lamp Black between the wings and the coat with the no. 8 ultra round. When dry, use the no. 4 ultra round loaded in Snow White to apply feathers; use a press-and-pull stroke. Use a mix of Deep Midnight Blue+Lamp Black (1:1) to foat the face on the moon. Darken the eyes with the same mix and apply details as you did on Santa's eyes. Paint the eyebrows Deep Midnight Blue. Apply a heavy wash of Lamp Black between the moon and the hat, mopping to blend. Dry-brush the cheek as before. Add the small, thin triangle of Snow White wing if needed. B E A R D Lightly wash Snow White onto the beard and mustache, extending out onto the coat. Keep this wash transparent. When dry, foat Burnt Umber around the outside of the mustache. Mop. Drag Burnt Umber down onto the beard, under the mustache. When dry, add individual Snow White hairs extending out from the sides of the face, over the mustache, and down into the beard. T E X T U R E D T R I M Add a half-dollar-size puddle of Decorating Paste to your palette using a palette knife. Add two dots of Snow White and mix thoroughly with the knife. Apply Decorat- ing Paste generously to all the fur trim, covering all areas and using the #4 ultra round to get into the smallest spac- es. Once the paste is applied, go over it with the duster/ stippler brush: Tis will give the paste a furry texture. Dry completely. Wash Lamp Black onto any fur that might need shading. Mop to blend. F I N I S H I N G Use Elmer's Glue-All to fx the rusty tin stars onto the rope. Any stars hanging of the surface can be nailed into place. Let the glue set before continuing. Spray the surface with several light coats of Spray Sealer. Before applying the fnal coat, lightly sprinkle Ice Crystal Glamour Dust to any area to which you'd like to add a little sparkle; I added Glamour Dust to the moon's face and the fur trim on the coat, but be extremely selective, as it's easy to overdo it. When you're happy with the sparkle, spray the fnal coat of sealer. SDP_ebook_2014.indd 8 3/24/14 3:15 PM

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